“The brisket here is as good as anything you find in the Lone Star State”

“The Okie Reuben is simply fantastic”

….Rick Browne, popular TV cooking show creator, producer and host, BBQ judge, journalist.   His PBS Barbecue America series aired for seven years while his Outdoor Channel series Ready, Aim…Grill aired for two years.

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Bob H. from Vancouver, WA

5 Stars

I eat here 2-3 time a month and have always had a great meal.  I am not sure why there are some poor reviews but even good places have bad days.  Don’t let them keep you away.  I have been to three different BBQ shops this week and still really like Jazzy Johns!

Mary M. from Hot Springs National Park, AR

5 Stars

This the best place ever for BBQ. I know good food and I know great BBQ. and this is it. my favorite is the baby back rib, the bake beans and corn bread. but they have enough side orders to keep it interesting. the ribs are the most tender, lots of meat and not fatty. smoked perfectly with the best flavor. the chicken is also great, tender and flavored to perfection. try the chili. I am from new Orleans and I know great food. jimmy johns is a treasure to the community. they also cater to the gluten free diets. I love the sweet tea. and the place is so clean. and the service is the best. Try it, I want the world to know where the best BBQ place is. I drove an hour from Salem ,OR  to get the most delicious.    {Comment:  We personally know Mary.  She is a traveling nurse currently on assignment in Salem.  We know she means “Jazzy John’s”, not “jimmy john’s” across the street!  This has been a bit confusing for many folks!}

Rob F. from Vancouver, WA

4 Stars 

So I stopped in for a quick lunch on my lunchbreak.  Typically when I eat at BBQ places, I expect higher than average pricing given the nature of the costs involved in preparation.  I asked the clerk if they had any lunch specials.  He said yes, they had a 2 pork slider+1 side+ drink all for $5.  I said sounds great.  The pork sliders were delicious, and the baked beans were as well.  They had quite an assortment of styles of BBQ sauce you could help yourself to and the lunch came with their “regular” BBQ sauce which was very good.

The restaurant was clean, the bathrooms were clean, the staff was courteous and helpful.  The speed was decent considering it is not a “fast food” restaurant.  Atmosphere was nice, lots of Dizzy Gillespie and others style photo artwork and an upright piano with jazz playing overhead!

Knocks off for RC products, but other than that, not much to say that wasn’t good.

I would recommend giving them a try.  I will go there again, and the true test will be if they can make a good brisket (my favorite)!

Pati S. from Portland, OR

5 Stars

Jazzy John’s has the finest BBQ I’ve had in the Northwest – period. I’m a huge fan of brisket and love the brisket sandwich (with chopped brisket). The meaty is tender and VERY flavorful, but when I add the bbq sauce (spicy, for me) – unbeatable! The baked beans are my favorite side – great flavors with chunks of meat. I always get two orders of beans with my sandwich – one tastes so good, I must have another.

The service is friendly and quick, and continues to improve over time. (I first went there the day it opened, and was last there on Saturday, Dec 19.) I like the unpretentious atmosphere – anyone who knows about BBQ knows that dressing up a BBQ restaurant is a huge mistake, and I felt comfortable from the moment I first walked in.

Aside from being a great pit boss, John Moak is one of the finest trombonists I’ve ever heard, and if you go on a Friday or Saturday, 6-9 pm, you’ll get to hear him with one of the great musicians who play there.

Try this place out – reasonable prices, great food, great music – I love Jazzy John’s!

Morgan D. from Portland, OR

5 Stars

I hope more people near and far discover how good Jazzy John’s BBQ is, but please not too many!  I don’t want this place to be inundated with insane carnivores lining up around the block an hour before opening like they do in Texas.  Been there, done that, those places have nothing better than JJ BBQ.

I’m a regular here and particularly like the pulled chicken and sliced brisket.  When you read “pulled chicken”, don’t think about grandma’s crock-pot leftovers, cooked until it resembles slimy threads of protein fibers floating in greasy bottled sauce.  Oh, no.  This is fresh, boneless chicken thighs gently smoked until it pulls apart into succulent, large chunks of moist and meaty goodness.  I’ve never had anything like it, anywhere.

I recently attended a party that JJ BBQ catered (from my recommendation) and agree with Teresa C’s experience.  The food arrived hot and fresh, on time, and was even better quality than I’ve had in the restaurant.  It exceeded expectations for me and the guests.

Now for my specialty, the pricing!  BBQ ain’t cheap, no matter where you go.  Meat prices have skyrocketed since high-protein diets have become popular.  JJ is the best deal on BBQ in the area, about 20% lower than the rest.  The closest price competitor I’ve found is Daddy D’s.  DD’s chicken/lb=$13.99, pulled pork=$15.99/lb.  JJ for both=$10.99/lb.  A sandwich at DD is $7 alone, and sides are $3-$4 each.  JJ sandwich is $8 with a side.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and try the newest player in the BBQ arena, Jazzy John’s BBQ.  And enjoy some fresh tunes from The Bylines, a local Portland band, while you’re here.

Robert L. from Vancouver, WA

4 Stars

I can’t believe I’ve never noticed Jazzy John’s before.  It’s in the Hazel Dell Marketplace between Ross and Safeway and has been open 2 1/2 years.  It used to be a sub shop and the new owners have done a great job tailoring the existing decor for their own purposes.  The atmosphere is casual and comfortable.

John is from Oklahoma and brings a lil’ bit of Texas to the NW.  I was thrilled to find he carries Shiner Bock, which very low on the IBU scale, unlike the bitter, hoppy beers brewed in the NW.

There are plenty of homemade sauce choices.  My favorites were the chipotle and Texas style which was dead on just like home.  I had to get the sliced brisket sandwich with a side of beans and slaw.  Man oh man was that brisket tender and juicy with just enough salt and pepper and the perfect amount of smoke!  I told John I used to live in Texas and he asked if I wanted moist or lean brisket.  I opted for moist, which is a fattier and more flavorful cut.

The beans were amazing, tangy and sweet with enough bits of meat to make it a hearty treat.  I don’t know what they put in that slaw dressing, but it’s addictive.  John knows how to put enough sugar in his recipes to make it taste like we do it in the South.